cpd 23 things…finally!

Okay, so I should have started a blog about three years ago and have cited every possible distraction as an excuse, but cpd 23 things has finally induced me to have a go.

I’m a latecomer to 23 things because my many apprehensions about starting a ‘library’ blog included:

  • Do I know enough engaging things about libraries to keep people interested?
  • There are so many people doing this already, and they’re good at it.
  • Why would anyone want to read my aimless ramblings?
  • Do I have enough library experience? – ‘New Professional’ seems to be a very broad term in library-land!
  • I’m not sure how easy it will be to sustain a dialogue solely about library-based subjects.

But skipping thing 1 and looking at other people’s blogs first helped a lot. Especially when I realised that most of them are doing this for the first time too, and that other people have similar fears to my own. And so in the end I decided to just go for it – I will just write about things I like and be me and if people want to read it then that would be lovely.

So anyway, I’m Emily and I’m a graduate library trainee at the University of Bradford. I also work at a local public branch library at the weekend. Before this I worked as an Information Officer for local Council, which I loved until I got promoted to a similar job with a sillier title, which involved managing a database and was rather dull. I also worked as a library assistant for Bradford public libraries. This was brilliant experience as I worked on mobile libraries, in the children’s library and in bibliographic services as well as in the central and branch libraries.

The best thing about being a graduate library trainee so far is feeling like a real part of the library community. I never realised before that there was such a huge (and active!) network of people all interested in libraries and librarianship.  I feel like I’ve already learnt so much from everyone, and there’s so much more – I can barely keep up! I’m hoping that cpd 23 things will be an extension of this learning curve and help me get to know more library-people.


5 responses

  1. Hello from a fellow trainee (and fellow Emily!). I had the same fears as you about blogging – there just seemed so many blogs out there and I definitely don’t have any useful library advice to give. But it’s lovely to read so many people’s posts who have just started blogging too, and learning about everyone’s different library roles. You do start to feel like a part of a real community. Looking forward to reading the rest of your cpd23 blog.

  2. Hi Emily, I’m a graduate trainee too and just started my own blog. I had the same thoughts as you about whether I should start blogging or not.
    I was finally convinced after going to a CILIP event and hearing all the speakers say how important social media was.
    Good luck with the blog, I look forward to reading more!

  3. Hi Emily, I’m a graduate trainee too, I got inspired to blog after a CILIP event although I still feel shy about sharing my thoughts! I too love the community aspect of librarianship, it’s something I have never experienced in other jobs before!
    Good luck blogging

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