Library blog espionage

This is a very brief ‘thing 2’ since (as mentioned in my previous post) I unofficially spied on other people’s blogging activities first.

So just a short list of interesting things that my anthropological study of librarians in their natural habitat has taught me:

  • First of all, and most importantly of course, ALL Librarians love tea. This is in any library-based job description.
  • It is amazing how many varied career paths people have taken. And it’s lovely to see that they have chosen to settle in Librarianship (and their reasons for doing so)
  • I love reading about people who are doing unconventional library and information jobs. This is great for someone who’s just starting out like me, as I struggle to focus my mind on any one subject for an extended amount of time, so it’s encouraging to know that Librarianship offers many diverse options.
  • All the blogs I have read so far have been really interesting, and people have approached library blogging from lots of different angles – anything from giving advice, to describing their day or just giving an opinion.

That’s it for thing 2. I’m still procrastinating about thing 3…



4 responses

    • Shhh! Just pretend you do for job purposes!

      Your blog has introduced me to many hilarious and interesting things (particularly Lolbrarian!), but Blogger doesn’t appear to allow me to follow you. I may sound techincally challenged but… do you know how I can do it?

  1. Hi Emily, thanks for following my blog. I’ve added you to my list to keep an eye on. I’m at the other end of my career to you so it’s nice to read about graduate trainees, the up and coming future of the profession. I’m just pleased that traineeships still exist in these straitened times. I started out on one in Hampshire just as Thatcher came in and after that they more or less stopped doing them. So a very similar economic climate to today. Best of luck.

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