The elephant in the room

Ode to Evernote

Just a short post today, to bear witness to my new found but undying love of Evernote.

Oh Evernote, where hast thou been all my life? I have long been searching for a tool like this, oft times resorting to emailing myself links to unearthed treasures. This is usually followed by confusion (normal people do not email themselves) and the resulting deletion of anything useful.

I am sad to say that I have not experienced the same lustful longings for Google Calendar. I am a user of so many different Google products that I’m becoming rather dispassionate about them. I have an online ‘work’ calendar via MeetingMaker, which is not the most exciting interface ever developed, but I have spent time adding all my comings and goings to my calendar, and have become quite attached to it. It can also be accessed at work or home, so I tend to use this for everything, and where is the sense in duplicating information?